“The home that the Stonebridge team built for us has been a joy. There have been very few problems over the course of the year, but when they have occurred, they have been repaired in a timely and cheerful manner. They actually finished our home on time and on budget. In summary, our relationship with Stonebridge Homes was and continues to be very positive and rewarding. I don’t give recommendations easily, but I can recommend Stonebridge without hesitation. I know you will enjoy working with them if you chose to have them build your home.”

– Bonnie Dean, M.D.

“Your attention to detail during the construction process and problem solving in the field ensured the plan was executed to perfection and the building schedule was met. Stonebridge has created a great home building experience and you build a great product. If we ever build another home in Orlando we would not hesitate in giving you a call.”

– Marc and Marita Young
President of Keene’s Pointe Homeowners Association
Built for Twice

“The word “custom” was truly used in this home. By meeting with you, we were able to draw out, make adjustments, and change things to get a home that we are truly proud of. I feel it is very important to send you a note to show my appreciation, so often we always hear only the unpleasant things. You’ve been great, patient and understanding.

– Daniel J. Petro
President Eastern Operations at Integrated Electrical Services

“We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Gary and Valery and we recommend that anyone considering building a new home should consider Stonebridge Homes as your general contractor. We saw them spend many hours on-site, directing sub-contractors and even having things customized to meet our every needs. They are a “hands-on” contractor team that were very involved in building our home.”

– Pedro Rubio and Melissa Peacock
Peacok Rubio Residential Appraiser

“We recommend one of the greatest builders to all searching for quality in a custom home. Their homes are built with honor, integrity and lots of love. Their subs are the best and represent them with class. Thanks Val to you and the Stonebridge Team for elevating the quality of our lives to a new level with a little help from above.”

– Larry Stuart
President & CEO of Larry Stuart Hospitality

“We hired an independent home inspector who made several visits to the site at different stages of the construction. He said that he was very impressed with the house, and that the people building it obviously knew what they were doing, and were building, a fine house. We were also extremely impressed the Tuckers’ attention to detail.”

-Frank A. and Judith V. Buonauro

“I wanted to take an opportunity to write a great reference letter on behalf of Stonebridge Homes, Inc.

My husband and I just underwent a 13 month process to build a custom family home. We met with many custom building outfits, and chose to go with Stonebridge Homes because of the personalized attention and genuine commitment we received from the very first meeting with them. I am happy to report, many months later, that we were not disappointed…that personal touch and level of service was consistent throughout every step of the process.

The team at Stonebridge Homes made us feel like our biggest life investment was also a top priority for them. They returned phone calls immediately, they drove to meet me for various selection appointments, and they researched EVERY inquiry I made with regards to vendors, pricing, materials, upgrade options, and timelines.

I have recommended them to friends of mine, and have shared with many realtors my positive feedback in working with this team.

In addition to the great service, they turned out a quality home and great product. We were able to invest in upgrades and green features that made the most sense. We now have a house that is designed for our family’s needs, and has enough personalized style to feel like a home! Our thanks go out to the Stonebridge Homes Team for helping make our dream become a reality!”

– Andres and Francis De Lemos

“We worked with Stonebridge on the first home we ever built and had the best experience imaginable. Their staff is always friendly and personable and they always made us feel comfortable. Our home was built to our expectations and in an amazingly fast time frame. We knew we had an impressively built custom home when family and friends would come over and admire the details and quality of work.

We are now building our second home with Stonebridge and would never consider building with anyone else. It speaks volumes about your builder when you can build another home with them without a second thought because you know they will take care of you and treat you like family. We would recommend Stonebridge to anyone looking for a quality custom home builder.”

– The Collins Family

“Andrea and I are very happy to write this letter to you concerning the various homes you have built for us, totaling four over the past 10 years.
You have to rightly assume if you have built four homes for us we must be very happy with the quality and service your company has provided.

As Custom Builders in London, England we do have a professional concept of the whole process and I do have to say we have also learned a lot from you and been really delighted with the design and finish of our homes.
Prior to constructing our first home, we did interview several builders but appreciated the flexible manner in which allowed us to make an infinite number of choices from your tried and tested suppliers which meant we were getting a truly custom home.

Having built four homes with you and sold 3 we are truly convinced that your quality is one of the highest standard.

Having said all of the above we also believe that your pricing is very fair and we got great comfort in the knowledge that your business is partly owned by an attorney.

We would be happy to discuss our experiences with your clients.”

-Andrea and Ashley Rubin